Friday, May 25, 2012

Humans - the strangest of the animal species.

It is OK if we spend our lives on the twentieth floor of an apartment block with a view of the twentieth floor of the next apartment block. We need never leave our happy abode and can get food delivered daily, water is on tap and waste disposal is only a flush away.
Such a life is regarded as successful by many and often completely satisfying by those that live it. No need to partake in the daily grind of hunter gatherer. To spend your waking hours defending your right to survival from aggressive neighbors. Life is bliss - boringly blissful but definitely very popular compared to the alternative.

The humble chicken like the wolf that has been turned into a domestic pet must now take on the idiosyncrasies of the human species with our romantic ideas of chickens running around in fields of grass, laying eggs when the mood is upon them, cuddling up to their fluffy neighbors, pooping happily in the grass to fertilize next weeks growth of weeds and generally having a Disney good time.

 Who said " Those who can't learn from the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them"?  He must have been through the cycle himself to come up with such a profound observation.  These few paragraphs of observations some personal and some borrowed from others are an expression of frustration at seeing a generation of city dwellers cut off from rural experiences determined to relearn the lessons of the last generation of poultry producers.

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